Hotel restaurant guesthouse in Cavallino Treporti Venezia

Locanda Scarpa is in Punta Sabbioni, from where Venice and its Islands can be easily reached. To the east of it, there are 15 km of beautiful beaches.

Many trades flourish in the small villages and fresh produce is grown in the fields.

"Locanda da Scarpa" is on one of these farms, with a large garden full of flowers where children and grown-ups alike can find peace and tranquillity, while enjoying a typically home-made cuisine with meat-based dishes (rabbit, chicken, guinea-fowl) or grilled and fried fish.

A natural environment undeniable beauty, a peculiarity which live on the territory preserved flora and fauna of different environments, lagoon and sea, and which is lined with diverse landscapes: the unraveling of mudflats and salt marshes, fish farms and orchards, the historic towns, the military architecture, lighthouses and docks, sandy beach, the extensive pine forest and the mouth of the Sile.

Cavallino - Treporti, a natural suspended between sea and lagoon in the vicinity of Venice.

A unique environment in its 15 Km of territorial extension. The territory consists of a peninsula that separates the northern part of the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea.

The river Sile (which flows into the old bed of the Piave River) separates the north-east of the municipal area of ​​Jesolo.

The peninsula is traversed throughout its length by the channel Pordelio that, to the west, branching into two channels (Portosecco and Saccagnana); all three channels are navigable.

To the east, the channel is connected to the river Sile Pordelio through the channel Casson; the confluence of the latter in the river is regulated by a artificial closed.

Locanda da Scarpa
Via Pealto, 17
30010 Tre Porti (VE)

Tel. +39 041 966428
Fax +39 041 5309147
Tel. +39 041 5300352
e-mail: info@dascarpa.it

By car:
By the A / 4 and A / 27, the outputs are recommended respectively Venezia Mestre and Noventa / San Dona di Piave.
We then proceed in the direction of Jesolo, and from there follow the signs to Cavallino-Punta Sabbioni.
After reaching Jesolo, take the SP 42 crossing the bridge over the river Sile, you reach Cavallino-Treporti.

By train:
The nearest railway stations are Mestre-Venice and San Dona di Piave, well connected by bus ATVO to Jesolo Lido from where there are regular connections to Cavallino-Punta Sabbioni.
For information and schedules go to the website of the State Railways.

By bus:
Take the ATVO bus from the bus station (Jesolo - Piazzale Picchi) that reaches Cavallino in about 10 minutes.
Punta Sabbioni are, however, about 15 minutes.
For information and schedules go to the website ATVO.

By plane:
The airport of Venice Marco Polo and Treviso San Giuseppe are served by buses ATVO with direct routes to Jesolo and then Cavallino-coincidences Punta Sabbioni.
By Sea The ferries ACTV - line LN regularly connect with Venice Punta Sabbioni to coincide with the bus service ATVO for the Coast.

In Venice, arrived at the pier of "La Pieta," you take the ship of the line LN to Punta Sabbioni. After reaching the Lido (10 min.), Continue to Punta Sabbioni (20 min.).
From here it is possible to visit the whole coastline. For information and schedules go to the website ACTV.